The next sequencing revolution – A Journal Club

koordynatorzy: Professors Bożena Kamińska, Dep. of Biology and Jan Komorowski, ICM
czas: Fridays on the following dates: February 27th, lecture hall 3075, March (to be announced)
miejsce: Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, University of Warsaw, Al. Żwirki I Wigury 93


The recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies have created new and very exciting possibilities in Life Sciences. This journal club intends to present selected recent articles in this area. This term our focus will be the ChIP-seq method, i.e. sequencing of DNA after Chromatin Immuno-Precipitation. In the first meeting Professor Kamińska will introduce the principles of ChIP and its applications. A list of articles to be covered will be suggested at the first meeting.

Journal Club is open to all graduate students and researchers interested in high throughput technologies both from the biomedical and the bioinformatics perspectives.